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We give a personalized attention to our Community. We put our hearts into everything we do. It’s this authenticity that, day in day out, drives us to improve our services.


About Grasie Souza

At the age of 27 when I was trying to become a mom.

A pelvic dysfunction issue popped up aggressively because I was no longer a dancer and an athlete practitioner, at the same time diabetes showed up, unfortunately it has been in my family for generations. I have lost my grandma and my mother is blind because of diabetes.

Working in the corporate world and spending many hours in a sitting position woke up a monster which had been sleeping. The pelvic dysfunction came out abruptly which put me bed ridden for over two months followed by depression and anxiety.

It is difficult to wake up from a nightmare when your ship is wrecked.

After numbers of physiotherapy sessions, I found myself hopeless, scared and trapped.

My doctor suggested that I try Pilates as one final option before having to resort to surgery to resolve my pelvic dysfunction issues. The Pilates worked! I completely healed from my pelvic issue and “returned to life”. I could step away from the insulin because I deeply immersed my body into the Pilates. This allowed me to keep treating diabetes just through meds, diet, and exercises for many years. 

After practicing Pilates for many years. A passion to teach Pilates and help others suffering through body movement limitations came strongly. I believe that we can have a happier society if we keep moving our body.

Logo Pilates Carioca

Our Brand Story

Why Pilates Carioca Wellness and Training Carioca is the name given to people that are born in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. It is who we are! The waves are the pathway from the most famous Rio de Janeiro beach that is called Copacabana beach. The logo’s color brings the idea of ocean with health from the Physio prospective. You can find the Sugar Place Mountains in the logo and between the mountains you see Canada’s flag that is the country that controls our heart. It brings equilibrium and balance for our journey. We do not forget about where we came from, but we are very thankful for where we are now.

Our Vision

Elevating your quality of life begins with healthy movement and positive actions.

What We Do

What We Offer


What We Offer

Pilates MAT Classes

Our Core Values

* Integrity and authenticity in the quality of our services

* Commitment to our client expectations

* Constantly learning and increasing knowledge

* Gratitude for our clients


Our Mission

We build pathways to wellness for women to develop a strong body, rejuvenate people’s lives and help build a healthier society using online workshops, one-on-one coaching, health education and an on-demand streaming platform. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pilates beneficial for my body?

Many benefits can be found through the practicing of Pilates, expect to have core strength improvement, an increase in flexibility will be noticed, your body will feel more energized, blood circulation activation and as well as an increase in body awareness and awareness of space.

What can I expect to change if I add Pilates in my routine?

You have probably heard a lot about the benefits of mindfulness meditation for your mind and body. Yes, it is very helpful and necessary considering that we are always in rush and in need of evolving so fast. Adding Pilates as a lifestyle in your day-to-day base. You can expect:

*Relieves anxiety and depression;

*Helps treat insomnia;

*Sharpens the mind;

*Uncovers creative thinking,

*Relieves stress;

*Helps with chronic pain management;

*Reduces negative emotions;

*Helps fight addictions and instill positive habits;

*Lowers blood pressure and improve cardio-vascular health.

What is Diastasis Recti Abdominis?

An impairment characterized by the separation of the two rectus abdominis muscles along the linea alba has been defined as diastasis recti abdominis (DRA). However, in literature, other terms are sometimes used, such as rectus abdominis diastasis (DRA) or divarication of rectus abdominal muscles.

Would you like to know more information about DRA? Do you have concerns? Please do not hesitate in contact us.

Do I have Diastasis Recti Abdominis?

Click here to download step by step to check if you have developed DRA during or after your pregnancy.

Does DRA only develop during pregnancy?

No. People that work out heavily can also experience this health condition as well.

Does Pilates help me with my frustration of loss of bladder control?

Modified Pilates can help to minimize urinary incontinence. Would you like more information? Chat with us.


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