Lady doing Pilates in Foam Roller

          Pilates will tone and work your entire body to achieve body conditioning inside and out.

          Many forms of modern exercise work on developing certain areas of the body while disregarding others. Pilates trains the body as an integrated whole. It works to promote well-balanced muscle development.

          Pilates is virtually unmatched in relation to total body toning and conditioning. As well as, increasing flexibility and range of motion for the joints. Pilates may be gentle but it is also challenging. It focuses on body placement and increasing awareness of your body’s entire resource system.

          In Pilates, you engage the mind to move the body as an integrated whole in tandem with the breath, with the utmost grace, control, and precision. While Pilates may not have quite the same effect as interval training or a 10km run, it does include a dose of cardiovascular exercise and will be sure to rev up your heart rate.